Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What to do, what to do...

I am yet again procrastinating!

I have plenty of school work to do.  Working on a bachelor's in Physics.  I have a couple of projects that I need to complete for this semester, and I swear I will get to them!  But first I have to knit a gauge swatch from some yarn I picked up at Stitches Midwest.  Then go on ravelry and look at patterns for two hours or so.  Then dream about knitting up an Orenburg lace shawl some day...
Then think about how much fun it would be to get comfortable knitting in colors, all of my ends perfectly woven in, and looking flawless and perfect.

Some day!  Right now things are moving along steadily.  I'm picking up new techniques and gaining more confidence, however I have yet to really finish a sock or a sweater, and have barely begun to read from charts.  I hope to someday make patterns of my own - not just yet, though!

Knitting has become a true love of mine, and it is so fun to be able to track my progress here.  I encourage any beginner knitter reading this to do the same - track your progress!  I have made the mistake before of becoming so angry at my work, that I unravel it in a heated rage and/or abandon it and leave it to collect lint and dust in some long-forgotten corner.  What I realize now is that those "mistakes" really ought to be cherished.  They're like growing pains.  And remembering them is remembering how far I've come as far as learning to knit goes!

Last year around this time, I tried to knit a sock.  Well... I did knit a sock.  I will see if I can find it.  If I tried knitting the same sock now, I would actually be able to wear it, and it would take me probably a fifth of the amount of time! (I still have to try and make a good wearable sock, and you better believe it will be here for you to see!)  This thing was (finished) the size of my hand (the whole thing) and stiff enough to use as an insole for a pair of shoes.

If you are into knitting far enough that you are still reading this, and especially if you are a beginner... do not give up!  It is frustrating, challenging, and cumbersome when you first learn something, but when you stick to it, the payoff is huge.  And keep your crappy first sock somewhere where you can go back and look at it in six months' or a year's time.

P.S.:  I have some (not too many!) pictures from the last two festivals I went to.  I'll put those up when I finish my homework  :)

Stay tuned and spread love!
-maria violet

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